End of Year Show 2012

The Landscape Architecture End of Year Show (video available here) took place in early May and was a wonderful event to showcase the achievements of all the students on the course, as well as celebrate the end of the academic year.

The EoYS @ UoG gives every student the opportunity to show their work, not just graduating students. This means that students can put up work every year they are studying, as well as having the chance to see all the other students’ work. It’s a great way of learning and preparing for the following year.

Of course it is also an opportunity to showcase work and skills to potential employers and many post-grad students received invitations to interviews during, or as a result of, the show. The Landscape Institute Professional Review Group commented that it was the highest standard of work they had seen yet, and the quality of graduating student was the most employable of the courses they had visited.

The show began with a presentation by Jane Fitzgerald White, last year’s winner of the Jo Yeates Prize for the best Landscape Architecture portfolio. This prize, awarded by BDP, is to celebrate the life of Jo Yeates, a past student of the course. It gives a significant award to the winning student to support them in exploring one aspect of Landscape Architecture that they feel passionate about. Jane travelled to New York City to explore the community gardens there and presented her work as a short film entitled ‘The Art of Noticing’. She also published a book about her research and experiences – available here.

The show was sponsored and officially opened by Ian Houston (left) of LDA Design (part of the team who designed the 2012 Olympic Park in London) and prizes were awarded to students from each year of the course. The course itself awards prizes for students from all years – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, conversion and postgrad. The Landscape Institute South West awards a prize for the best Graduate student (3rd year) and BDP award the Jo Yeates prize to the best Postgrad student (4th year). All prizewinners listed below…congratulations!

Vanessa Powell (left in photo) won the Jo Yeates prize this year, awarded by Martin Jones & Jo McAllister of BDP (Bristol).

Joe Clancy (centre in photo) won the 3rd year Landscape Institute South West prize, awarded by Paul Osbourne and Jill White from the LISW.

Bibhu Choudhury (left in photo) won the Bodfan Gruffydd prize for postgrad, awarded by David Booth (Postgrad Course Leader).

Anna David won the Bodfan Gruffydd prize for 3rd year/degree level, awarded by David Booth.

Dave Bailey won the Bodfan Gruffydd prize for 2nd year, awarded by David Booth.

Jake Poloni won the Bodfan Gruffydd prize for 1st year, and Michael Bedore the Bodfan Gruffydd prize for Conversion year. Unfortunately neither were able to attend the award ceremony but there is the ‘official’ awarding of these prizes at the Graduation ceremony later this year, held at Cheltenham Racecourse.


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  1. It was a great end of year show. Looking forward to coming back!

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