Graduate News: Oliver Bence

As part of a career change at the end of my twenties, I undertook the undergraduate degree and then the post-graduate diploma in Landscape Architecture at the University of Gloucestershire. I really appreciated the enthusiasm and experience of Course Leader David Booth and the different strengths of the team of teaching staff that he was putting together at the time who are still there today. The course and modules complimented well with my job at a practice in Bristol throughout my time at the University. The simultaneous study and work in the ‘real world’ were probably big factors in me making a career as a Landscape Architect after University.
2003    I started at University and working at a practice in Bristol
2006    Completed Ba(Hons) Landscape Architecture
2007    Completed Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture
2008    Left first practice and joined  large international firm in 2008.
2010    Passed LI Pathway to Chartership
Emigrated to Canada. Started at current Landscape Architecture practice.
Unlike the UK, here in Canada there is a much simpler planning system. As a Landscape Architect this is great as what I am designing now will be built within the next few months.  There aren’t any mega-showstopping projects that will grace the front pages of the LI website but I get to work with multidisciplinary teams designing large-scale residential schemes, schools, university, hospitals etc that will get used and (hopefully) enjoyed by the public. I have several green roof projects on the go and have recently completed one project showcasing sustainable stormwater management practices.  I work from the beginning to the end of each project – from design through to end of construction.   This brings a great variety of work which is what I and many LA’s enjoy about their job and I haven’t stopped learning since I started the degree course.
Oliver BenceCMLI
Project Landscape Architect
Vollick McKee Petersmann Associates Ltd

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Landscape Architecture @ University of Gloucestershire

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