GRADUATE NEWS: George Harley


My name is George Harley and I work as a Graduate Landscape Architect at a Landscape Planning Consultancy. I am also currently studying for a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Gloucestershire, after completing my Postgraduate Diploma with the university in July 2012.

I first heard about the course whilst working part time in the Landscape Planning Consultancy in which I am now employed. Both clients and colleagues, particularly other Landscape Architects, said how high the standard of teaching was at the University; with many saying that some of the best work portfolios they had seen had come from University of Gloucestershire graduates.

As I continued to work whilst studying I was able to see a marked improvement in the quality of my professional work, even after the first few months. I found my knowledge of the subject vastly improved, as well as the development of many skills that I could apply in the workplace.

I have nothing but praise for the course which, over the last four years, has helped me develop a real passion for, and understanding of, Landscape Architecture. The wide range of module options have been both engaging and relevant to the profession, specifically the study of sustainable design approaches across all modules.

The Postgraduate Diploma year in particular allows for greater freedom to explore different aspects of Landscape Architecture, as well as offering the chance to study relevant modules from other courses being run at the university. It was the encouragement to pursue personal interests within the profession that led me to continue my studies to Master’s Level; so that I could further research a topic addressed within one of the modules.

While it is true the course is challenging, it is incredibly worthwhile. The knowledge and enthusiasm of the teaching staff for the subject helps you to produce work to the best of your ability, while at the same time they are constantly helping you to develop and improve. Testament to this is the work being shown at the End of Year Show which is nothing short of exceptional; a standard that employers and clients have come to expect from Landscape Architecture graduates from the University of Gloucestershire.

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