From October 21st – 27th the Landscape Architecture course went on a visit to Copenhagen, Denmark to explore the landscape, design, and culture of one of Europe’s leading cities. This and the following few blogs are to show everyone what we saw, who we met and what we got up to – an incredibly enjoyable and inspiring trip, definitiely one of the best we’ve ever made. Deepest thanks to all the students who joined the trip and made it such a fabulous experience…Berlin next year anyone?


oresundbridgeFlying in over the Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark – and for those of you who watched The Bridge on TV. If you don’t know this project, look it up – it starts in Sweden on the ground, rises up to become a double decker bridge, then drops through the middle of an island and becomes a tunnel, rising up to ground level in Copenhagen.

18thCmap18th Century map of Copenhagen in the Hotel Loeven showing its beautiful relationship with the sea – defenses built into the water to harbour the navy based on a medieval plan.

hotelHotel Loeven – the Lion Hotel (not actually in the red light district) where we stayed.

tivoliA walk past the Tivoli Gardens on the first evening, a 19th century ‘amusement park’ in the centre of Copenhagen complete with wooden rollercoaster.

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