Landscape Design Studio: Student Presentations

The first presentations took place this week by the students doing Landscape Design Studio, the Masters level design module. This presentation covered various aspects of the project including the initial site/context studies, a development of the brief and feasibility options, and the initial site planning strategies and design approaches. The students were also asked to produce a Personal Response to their chosen site – a more creative, intuitive, emotional and personal reflection of their experience of the site. The following pieces are examples of these wonderfully individual and creative Personal Responses:

Matt Matt Fordham

Yao1 Yao Guo (above ground exploration)

Yao2 Yao Guo (below ground exploration)

Pete Pete Bennett (stills from a film)

Jemma Jemma Hall

Uma Uma Kesavan

Richard2 Richard Jolly

Qian Qian Guo

Gethin2 Gethin Evans

Gethin1 Gethin Evans (detail)

Prasanna Prasanna Subbiah

Loic Loic Caron

Andy Andy Laird

DaveB Dave Bailey

Fi Fiona Walters

Issy2 Issy Bound

Jon Jon Dancey

Ed Ed Bradshaw

DaveE1 Dave Entrican

DaveE2 Dave Entrican

Annaliese Annaliese Walker

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Landscape Architecture @ University of Gloucestershire

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