Graduate News: Fiona Sharman, Ecotricity


I am currently working at Ecotricity, a supplier of green energy from renewable sources. I mainly produce Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments for windfarms as part of the EIA process, although I also assess solar parks and provide landscape advice on any renewable energy projects that Ecotricity are researching.

Prior to joining Ecotricity this year, I worked  at Bristol  City Council (BCC) for approximately six years where I became a Chartered member of the Landscape Institute. At Bristol Council I managed a diverse range of public realm projects, covering all aspects of Landscape Architecture such as strategic and green infrastructure planning, the redevelopment of citywide parks and neighbourhoods, creation of new play areas, highways schemes and school playground design. All my projects have involved extensive public participation and engagement, working with neighbourhood partnerships and community groups to secure and manage funding for landscape projects. In addition to this I also acted as a Landscape Planner in Development Control, advising on all landscape planning matters including major applications.  
Immediately following completion of the Conversion course I gained employment with David Jarvis Associates where I dealt primarily with the minerals and waste industry, with some masterplanning of urban extensions. I prepared and submitted planning applications, wrote LVIA for projects such as quarry extensions and conducted research for MIRO.
The photo above is of myself when I was working at Bristol Council, with local youth at a community engagement event. In the photo we are discussing how I incorporated their ideas into my design proposal for the makeover of Poets Park in Horfield.

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