Induction Week 2014: Episode 2 – Art & Landscape in Gloucester

The landscape 1st years and conversion students made a trip to Gloucester as part of the induction week activities. A walk through Gloucester centre demonstrated the incredible heritage and history that the city has, along with some of the problems in the urban environment. We visited Kings Square – a future public square regeneration site, an original medieval street (Maverdine lane) with the most fantastic timber framed building, and then onto Gloucester Cathedral to view the Crucible 2 art exhibition .

We then moved down to the Gloucester Docks – a superb urban regeneration project that has created a new vibrant quarter in the centre of the city that reconnects it with its historical roots. On the edge of the docks is Alney Island, a floodplain landscape where the River Severn splits into 2 channels North of Gloucester, then connecting again by the city to create an island. This is the area where the Romans built their first settlement as a crossing point over the river.

Maverdine1 Maverdine2GloucesterCathedralAnatomyOfAnAngel BlackBeast Cloister Nomad TheThief TheThiefDetail VesquaGloucesterDocksAlney Island2 AlneyIsland

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  1. Richa

    Had a fantastic induction week! Thank you LA team!!

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