The BIG DIG – ‘get dirty’

Undergrad course leader, Allan Mitchell and students on the UoG Landscape undergrad and postgrad teaching programmes at The St Paul’s Resident’s association – EDIBLE GARDEN OPEN DAY – Saturday 20th September 2014

A chance to join and participate in the end of Summer ‘tidy-up’, autumn fruit pick and winter chard seed sowing. Communing with a wonderful set of neighbor’s and an opportunity to become involved with the development of the community permaculture garden.

The course has cultivated (pun intended) links with an INSPIRING local community and in addition to the chance to devour the odd COX’s PIPPIN, the St Paul’s residents have opened their doors to allow our students to learn how we should design on the basis of democratic and inclusive decision making – Ownership of design ideas = SUSTAINABLE SENSE OF PLACE & COMMUNITY.

The residents of St Pauls have kindly opened the garden gate to students and staff – because WE GET IT!!! and we now have the opportunity to join the BIG DIG and use the permaculture garden as a place to relax amongst the late Autumn fruit and vegetables – AND to meet a rich mix of local characters – Tessa, Daud (we still can’t pronounce it right), Charlotte (SPRA) and Rowan (UoG, Humanities – Creative Writing !!!! He gets it)

We are honored to have been given the key code to the garden gate and therefore unrestricted access – WE SHALL COMMUNE & WE SHALL SOW AND WE SHALL GROW with our friends in the local community.

Come and get some soil under your fingernails.


P1020540 P1020541 P1020544 P1020547 P1020550

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