SLS 2014/15 – Antony Lyons, CCRI Artist in Residence 14/04/2015


The next Sustainable Landscape Series presentation is by Antony Lyons, Artist-in-Residence at the CCRI. The presentation is on 14th April 2015. More info below, flier available here … LI SW SLS Flyer 14-04-15

Antony is an artist, researcher and Artist in Residence with the Countryside and Community Research Institute at the University of Gloucestershire, a year-long artist-residency supported by a Leverhulme Fellowship grant.
Through the autumn and early winter the bulk of the activity has been filming – mainly on the Lydney-Newnham coast, on the edges of the Forest of Dean – often ‘among the trembling reeds’. In this, the process itself looms larger than the ‘outputs’; these are not pre-determined, and will morph and multiply over time. Time is of the essence – spending time, turning over stones, building trust and knowledge.
…weaving while dreaming
…dreaming while weaving

“The soft rush (Juncus effusus) is called igusa in Japanese and is used to weave the soft surface cover of tatami mats”

It’s a form of geopoetic deep mapping. The ‘mappers’ are themselves changed by the setting.

Subjects being woven here include: working on the edge; layers of place; real and metaphysical associations; atmosphere, emotion, connection; light and dark; nature and culture; dreams, undercurrents/shadows, the spirit of the river/water (Sabrina)+ the reality of survival on this coast; tides; mud (and mud-walking); environmental change; counter-currents and counter-voices; vestigially; knowing and unknowing; personal and political.

About gloscape

Landscape Architecture @ University of Gloucestershire

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