Movement thro’ Time and Space – a workshop with Alexandra Blum

Monday March 14th 2016: Movement through Time and Space – an all day drawing workshop with artist Alexandra Blum.

Alex Blum’s unique drawing work has been exhibited extensively in London, Paris, Berlin and Kyoto, and she has been in receipt of numerous awards including the ING Drawing Bursary, David Gluck Memorial Bursary and the Oppenheim – John Downes Memorial Award. See her work at

Alex used her experience of drawing buildings, landscapes and construction sites  to teach students how to draw spaces accurately; to understand and analyse their surrounding environment in order to see what is actually there and not what they think is there.

During the morning workshop, students focused on movement through time and space, abandoning the static single moments drawn from a fixed perspective.

In the afternoon students took to the roof of the Regent Arcade shopping centre to draw roof lines and explored compressed space, peripheral vision, actual and implied movement and layering of space and time within an image.

The students responded that these techniques may be more beneficial to them when completing site surveys or communicating design ideas rather than taking photographs or producing computer generated images. Thanks go to Alex for a successful and very much enjoyable day!

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