Portugese student competition wins

Congratulations to Grace Abbott and Naheedra Fadra for Controle Climatico, and to Teddy Juriansz, Melissa Nanang and Natalie Yan for O Espelho do Pensamento.

We are proud to announce that our students will be exhibiting two innovative and interactive gardens at the 14th Ponte de Lima International Garden Festival in 2018. The competition was seamlessly integrated into a Level 5 design module and the students rose to the challenge of working in collaborative teams to produce proposals in response to the theme of ‘the climate in the garden’.

A total of thirteen designs were submitted for consideration, with two being selected for installation, along with ten others from participants around the world. This is a tremendous achievement for the course and we hope that it marks the beginning of an enriching association with the festival and the beautiful medieval town in northern Portugal.

The gardens will be implemented between January and April 2018. We are planning a trip in Spring to assist with some of the installation works – a real opportunity to do some ‘proper’ hands-on work and learn how things are put together. Watch this space for further news early in the new year.

A special thanks to Les Baker of Reckless Orchard who visited us in Cheltenham to talk about his practice – including past gardens at the festival; notably 96% for the 2016 festival which was designed in collaboration with our Spatial Design lecturer, Scott Farlow. Les also assisted with tutorial sessions and offered invaluable design advice throughout the project.

For further information about the festival please visit:


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