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JUNE 21st + 22nd   2018

Conference of the Landscape Architecture Team of the University of Gloucestershire in collaboration with the Countryside and Community Research Institute http://www.ccri.ac.uk

This conference calls upon landscape architects, art and architectural historians and theorists, architects, urban planners and designers, to analyse the concept of landscape of the past, critique the present, inform the future.

Context: The conference will explore the concept of landscape from both philosophical and practical perspectives. As Professor Jonathan Hill has noted, during the first edition of this conference, inherent in the original Italian word for design – disegno – was a duality suggesting both the drawing of a line on paper as well as the drawing forth an idea. We take this dual connotation as making explicit the close relationship between thought and representation, ideas and projects. The concept of landscape in particular has always been bounded to the idea of representation, starting from its own origins. From the picturesque paintings by Claude Lorrain, until the townscapes of Gordon Cullen: the landscape is related to its depiction, is related to the human action of modelling the urban or natural environment creating a new specific aesthetic vision, experience or character. But what is happening now? How has the concept of landscape been changing? What is the landscape of the present? And what about our and its future?

Cities are constantly growing, overloaded by images and inputs, the areas between urban and rural environments are left to change without clear visions, the relationships between human beings and nature are always more hidden and complicated, natural areas are disappearing or have been transformed in protected untouchable open-air museums, even sustainability itself seems at times to already be an old fashion trend while the rhythm of our life is increasing constantly. In this context, what is the new meaning of landscape and how are human beings creating new relationships with nature? As the poet Antonio Machado noted, ‘there are no paths, paths are made by walking’ and this conference will try to answer these questions defining the landscape as social, economic, political, artistic, design, historic, and theoretical products of its own era and identifying its transformations, from the past to the future. Trying to focus on the concept of landscape broadly, the conference will produce interdisciplinary and innovative discussions related to the topic. Within this framework, the conference welcomes international and national researchers, from academic and professional environments, who are related to the concept of landscape and want to help in figuring out its future.

Key topics / Landscape Representation Methods // Sustainability // Ecology // Urban Phenomena // Rural Areas // Human Beings and Nature // Experience and Perception // Space and Time // Landscape Architecture Projects // Social Practices // Urban Fabric // History of Landscape // Tangible and Intangible Heritage /

Attending the Conference

Conference Venue: Park Campus, University of Gloucestershire, England

Registration Fee per person attending: PhD students / young / independent researchers 100 GBP, full-time academics 180 GBP

Keynote Speakers and Programme will be released shortly.

Dr. Gareth Doherty, Director of the Master of Landscape Architecture programme at Harvard Graduate School of Design confirmed as keynote speaker. Gareth is Associate Professor and Senior Research Associate at GSD, author of Paradoxes of Green: Landscapes of a City-State, founding editor of the New Geographies journal, and co-editor of Ecological Urbanism and Is Landscape…? Essays on the Identity of Landscape.


Professor Liz Wells confirmed as keynote speaker. Liz writes and lectures on photographic practices. She edited The Photography Reader (2003), and Photography: A Critical Introduction (2015 5th ed.) and is a co-editor for photographies, Routledge journals. Publications on landscape include Land Matters, Landscape Photography, Culture and Identity (2011). Exhibitions as curator include, Light Touch, Baltimore Washington International Airport (February 12th – June 21st 2014); Sense of Place, European Landscape Photography (BOZAR, Brussels, 14 June – 15 September 2012). She is Professor in Photographic Culture, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Plymouth University, UK, and a member of the research group for Land/Water and the Visual Arts. www.landwater-research.co.uk She is an elected member of the Board of Directors, Society for Photographic Education.

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All articles will be published as part of the conference proceedings.

Selected articles will be published in a special issue of the international peer review journal Urban Science. Publication planned for autumn 2018.

http://www.mdpi.com/journal/urbansci US-01 copy


• abstract submission deadline April 2nd 2018, plus short bio of author(s)

• final decision on papers to be presented April 30th 2018

• final payment deadline 21st May 2018

• conference dates June 21st and 22nd 2018


Proposals up to 250 words and a brief biographical note should be sent by April 2nd 2018 to: dbuck@glos.ac.uk

Organised by Dr. David Buck, Dr. Carla Molinari, Allan Mitchell.